Herpecilin Gel

Herpecilin Gel

Herpecilin Gel is the first product to treat open cold sores.

Often a cold sore develops from being a tingling and itching, to an open sore – and so far there have been no available remedies that have been able to treat this stage of cold sores.

Herpecilin Gel is applied to the open wound for quick pain relief, itching and accelerated wound healing.

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It is estimated that almost 70% of the population has latent herpes virus. The virus is inactive in the nerve cells on a daily basis and is activated periodically during certain stressful situations, where the activated virus migrates towards the skin or oral mucosa.

Viruses can not normally penetrate directly into the cells, but herpes is one of the few types of virus that has a glycoprotein receptor on the surface that can attach to the cell membrane.

The virus then multiplies in the cell nucleus and a large number of virus particles are released.

Herpecilin Gel is an osmotically active, viscous, hypertonic solution. When applied to open herpes lesions, Herpecilin forms a film over the lesion and attracts mechanical hypotonic fluid, which is found below the surface.

The strong outward fluid flow cleanses the wound of all the small, contaminating elements and creates a favorable environment for healing. The film also protects the wound from dryness, irritation and external elements.

Reducing the microbial contamination, cleansing the wound and applying moisture to the lesion surface reduces pain and irritation as well as promotes the healing process.

Remove the cap from the tube and apply 3-4 drops of Herpecilin Gel directly to the open herpes sore, 3-4 times daily, until the wound has healed.

Always close the tube after use.

Herpecilin should be stored at room temperature (15-30°C) in closed packaging. Shelf life is indicated on the package. Herpecilin should be used within 1 month of opening the package.

  • Wash hands before and after use.
  • The product is for local and external use only on the lips and in the mouth. Avoid contact of the tip of the tube with the wound during application.
  • Do not use Herpecilin Gel if you are hypersensitive or allergic to one or more of the ingredients, if you are taking other medicines for open cold sores, or if the symptoms persist. Seek medical attention if no improvement is seen within seven days of starting Herpecilin Gel treatment.
  • Do not use the product after the expiration date if the tube is damaged or more than 30 days after the tube was first opened.
  • Herpecilin Gel can be used by adults and children up to 3 years of age as well as by pregnant and lactating women.
No adverse effects or contraindications are anticipated with the use of this medical device.
Includes: 6 ml transparent viscous gel

Ingredients (INCI): Glycerin, Mel, Aqua, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Sambucus Nigra Extract, Xanthan Gum.

Item no.: 212608

Registration: Medical devices, Class IIa

Herpecilin Gel is classified as a medical device and is subject to a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13:485.

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