Nilocin Vorte Pen

Nilocin Wart & Verruca Pen

Nilocin Wart & Verruca Pen is a complete wart treatment that is both painless and effective. The pen is easy, fast and ready to use, and Nilocin is immediately absorbed into the wart in just a few seconds.

The pen contains a keratolytic compound, which locally breaks down and dries out tissue, thus eliminating the wart.

The wart does not need to be filed before treatment, the innovative pen applicator provides a precise dosage, and visible effects can be seen already after 1 week.

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Warts are local growths in the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

There are different types of warts. The warts appear alone or in clusters on hands, feet (verrucas), body, arms and legs.

Warts are a contagious disease and are spread by skin contact with viruses. Warts are common all over the world and affect approx. 10% of the population.

In school-age children, the prevalence is as high as 10% to 20%, but warts can occur at any age.

Nilocin Vorte Pen er en effektiv behandling med præcisions-applikator til vorter på hænder, fødder, krop, arme og ben. Nilocin er hurtig og smertefri at bruge, det er ikke nødvendigt at file vorten inden behandling.

Pennen indeholder en keratolytisk forbindelse (Myresyre) som lokalt nedbryder og udtørrer væv og dermed elimineres vorten.

Nilocin applikator-pen sikrer nem og præcis applikation, og en carrier sikrer, at formuleringen behandlingen trænger ind og ned i vorten på blot få sekunder.

Nilocin Vorte Pen er tilstrækkelig til ca. 220 applikationer, og synlig effekt kan ses allerede efter 1 uge.

It is recommended to soften the wart in lukewarm water for a minimum of 5 minutes before treatment. If the wart is covered with hard skin, the wart can be gently scraped on the surface. The hard skin is gently removed. Do not file on the wart. Children should be treated by an adult.

  1. Remove the cap from the Nilocin Wart & Verruca Pen.
  2. The wart is gently massaged with the tip of the pen for 20 seconds. The treatment immediately penetrates into the wart. The entire surface of the wart must be treated. Avoid contact with the healthy surrounding skin. The cap is carefully applied after use.
  3. Treat 3 times a week for up to 6 weeks. It is treated every other day. Then take a 2-day break – after which this treatment cycle can be resumed until the wart is gone.

The recommended number of applications must not be exceeded.

Nilocin Wart & Verruca Pen supplies a small amount of colorless corrosive liquid. If you are in doubt about whether the pen is dry, press the tip lightly against absorbent paper and a wet mark will appear.

If discomfort or pain occurs, stop application. If a burning or burning sensation occurs or the treatment is accidentally applied to the healthy surrounding skin, rinse with cold water.

Store in the original package, at 2-25°C, out of direct sunlight. and beyond children’s field of vision and reach. Do not use after the expiry date or 6 months after first use. The cap is carefully applied after use. Dispose of in waste bin for hazardous waste.

For external use only. Must be kept out of sight and out of the reach of children. The product contains a corrosive agent. with a strong odor. Do not inhale.

  • Do not use Nilocin for the treatment of genital warts as well as in the facial region.
  • Do not use Nilocin if you are hypersensitive to the ingredients and if you are hypersensitive to bee stings and ant bites.
  • Avoid contact with healthy skin around the wart.
  • Do not expose the treated area to sunlight while the treatment is in progress.
  • Do not use on sore or bleeding warts, blisters and irritated, inflamed or damaged skin. Pause treatment until the skin has recovered.
  • Do not apply to warts with hair, birthmarks. pigmented skin, or in case you are in doubt about the condition of the skin is a wart.
  • Extra caution should be exercised when applying treatment to thin and sensitive skin and when treating children and diabetics.
  • It is better to apply too little fluid than too much, to avoid wounds, blisters, inflammation, tissue death, scars and chemical burns.
  • Do not exceed the number of recommended applications.
  • Consult a physician if the treated area becomes red and painful or inflamed.
  • Single patient – multiple use.
  • Do not use Nilocin in combination with other wart treatment products.
  • Do not use for children under 4 years, unless prescribed by a doctor.


It is important that the product is used as prescribed. The number of applications must not be exceeded, as this may cause skin damage (see also the package leaflet).

A mild tingling or burning sensation may in some cases be felt for 10-15 minutes after application. Overexposure may cause temporary side effects. eg. a stinging sensation, redness, pain or bleeding. Stop using until the skin is fully restored.

There are no known side effects for pregnant and lactating women.

Serious incidents should be reported to the Unigroup ApS or relevant authority.

Includes: 3 ml. Pen, and package leaflet.

Ingredients (INCI): Formic acid, (85%) Dimethyl isosorbide, Aqua, Caprylic acid, Origanum vulgare leaf extract.

Item no.: 101034

Registration: Medical devices, Class IIa

Nilocin Wart & Verruca Pen is classified as a medical device and is subject to a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13:485.

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