Nilocin Foot Corn Treatment

Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment

  • Immediate pain relief.
  • No scraping required prior to treatment, avoiding pain and delay.
  • Precise and easy application with the premium patented Nilocin Pen.
  • Fast and in-dept absorption of the treatment liquid into the entire corn.
  • Prevents further development of the corn.
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Foot corns are small areas of keratinized skin. They most often result from pressure exerted on a bony prominence. The skin then thickens naturally to protect itself. Corns are painful when exposed to pressure. There is a darker area of the skin inside the corn, which is often mistaken for a root.

It is in fact, the corn’s core, an inverted conical area consisting of compact skin: the area most prone to pressure and pain. Corns can appear anywhere on the foot and can be more or less painful. Corns can also develop between the toes when two joints rub together.

Seed corns are slightly different: they usually appear in small groups on the sole of the foot and feel like a small splinter of glass. They are not necessarily associated with a single pressure problem: dryness and friction also play a role in their appearance.

The patented Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment is specifically designed for local application on corns on the feet. Nilocin 3-in-1 Corn Treatment Solution is immediately absorbed, and works by softening, destroying and moisturising the area of the corn. The dressing improves hydration and relieves pain.

Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment can be used as a treatment for children from 4 years and up. Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Nilocin 3-in-1 Corn Treatment has been clinically tested.

Prepare the area to be treated. Clean and dry the area where a foot corn is present. Apply the Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment:
• Remove the cap from the pen.
• Gently massage the area of the corn with the tip of the pen. Be sure to cover the entire corn and take care not to touch or spill the liquid on the surrounding healthy skin.
• Place the hydrocolloid dressing on the treated area. Make sure the edges are firmly adhered to the skin.
• Repeat this procedure every second days for 14 days.

If you feel any discomfort when applying the liquid. the surface of the skin can be neutralized with water.

Please note that the tip of the PEN looks dry, as only a small amount of liquid is needed to be effective. The tip of the pen is slightly moist, but never wet. In doubt, by pressing the tip of the pen on a piece of tissue before use, you will see a wet mark on the paper, confirming that the pen is still full.

External use only. Keep out of sight and reach of children. The product contains a corrosive agent. Handle the product with care, taking the instructions into account. Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before use.

  • Do not use Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment if you are allergic to the ingredients in the product, or to bee stings or ant bites.
  • When applying, avoid contact with the healthy skin around the corn.
  • Do not apply Nilocin 3-in-1 Foot Corn Treatment on sore or bleeding, irritated, inflamed or blistered skin.
  • Extra attention should be paid when applying the treatment to sensitive skin and to children – it is best to apply a very small amount of product when in doubt.
  • Do not exceed the number of recommended applications. Consult your doctor if the treated area becomes red or painful or becomes inflamed.
  • Single patient, multiple use.
  • Do not use in combination with other corn treatments.


It is important to use the product as explained in this leaflet. Do not apply more product than instructed, as this may cause a mild temporary ulceration, temporary burn, temporary pain, or temporary hyper- or hypo-pigmentation.

Serious incidents should be reported to the manufacturer and relevant authority.

Includes: 3 ml solution pen, 7 hydrocolloid dressings and an instructions leaflet.

Ingredients (INCI): Formic acid (60%), Ethyl lactate.

Item No.: 223739

Registration: Medical Device Class IIa

Nilocin Foot Corn Treatment is classified as medical device and are subject to quality management system in accordance with: ISO 13:485.

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